Needing help with a vinyl spec.


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Ok, so i'm needing a big help with knowing what to buy. I thought i knew what i was after, but the more i read the more i get confused, so now im back to square one.

I'm looking at getting a turntable. Apart from the music itself, i have nothing. No amps, no speakers, turntable and im not even sure i need a pre amp.
I thought it was as simple as TT>Amp>Speakers but im sure im going wrong somewhere. Anyway this is just a hobby and might just fade out later on next year. So im after some basic stuff just so i get a feel for it, nothing fancy. What would you guys recommend? cheap as possible. I dont mind buying 2nd hand.

Cheers for any help.

Mr Pig

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That would've been bad.

Your budget is ample.

Any turntable from Rega or Project. Personally, I'd go for Rega as the products are better built, simpler to use and have first class dealer backup. My pick would be a used Planer3. Others to look for might be Revolver, Thorns, Systemdek. Maybe a Linn Basik. Just look around locally and let us know what you see.

An older integrated amp, one that comes with a phono stage built in, will keep the cost down and give good sound-per-pound. A Rotel will be easy to find, tons about, but if you want a little better a Cyrus One or a Creek 4040 are good.

Speakers is down to taste but be aware that a lot of the budget floor-standing speakers are not brilliant. They tend to have poor bass. Smaller, bookshelf, speakers might not look as good but at the budget end they usually sound better. Stick to the big manufacturers and you'll get something sturdy enough. Kef, Wharfdale, Mission, Celestion, B&W, people who've been making speakers for a long time.

If you're lucky you might pick up something a bit better than budget from a brand like Linn, Naim, Neat etc. Just scour those local adds.

Mr Pig

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How does that look?

I don't know what Cambridge amplifiers are like but at best I'd say they'll be like their other stuff, a hit and a miss. It's a Richer Sound (budget) brand, some of the kit is ok and some of it pretty nasty. I'd rather buy a Rotel amp.


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Don't wish to steal Mr P's thunder, but that looks just the ticket. 30wpc is sufficient to get you started, more would be better, just make sure the speakers you buy are efficient. If unsure about that, ask again. I'd give Cambridge a wide berth too.


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Excellent cheers :) well i was going to spend abit on speakers because even if i dont get into vinyl, i'll still have a good amp and speakers to use with other things. I kinda always wanted a pair of B&W 601 s3's. So i've found a pair and will be buying them at the weekend.

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