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Nov 30, 2021
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Jyväskylä, Finland
Greetings all. This is my first post here, but I'll hope to get some help and advices when my national forums let me completely down when seeking help. This is also posted in avsforum, but got no replies there, so seeking advice also from here.

My 4 year old HD39Darbee died and now I have to get something new. I was rather happy with Optoma's picture, although fan noise bothered me in bright mode. Now I suddenly find myself in a world that is full of different devices with no way to tell which is better than others in set circumstances. I have spent days of reading reviews, but even if they have helped me to narrow selection, it is impossible to make final decision based on those. I live in such a location that I can't visit a store to see differences myself (don't even know if we have a store in Finland that would have these on display) so I have to rely on your help.

Room: Family living room, not able to get dedicated theater room. No other light sources, windows can be darkened completely and doors closed. Ceiling and 2 walls are white, 1 wall is grayish green. So room is quite dark, but light from projector lits it up somewhat due to walls. Haven't bothered this far, but is something I might want to improve a bit, if it has effect with reasonable effort. Might be able to put dark curtains on white walls, but would prefer not. Ceiling cannot be helped.

Distances: 3.5 m (11.5 ft) from rear wall to screen. Seating at 3 m (10 ft). Ceiling mount and will have to stick to it, there is no reasonable way to get image projected other ways here.

Screen: Motorized 106" Grandview Cyber, white. I guess gain is 1.0. Would prefer not to change as ALR screens are hideously expensive.

Use: Some gaming, but 95% movies and series. Will aim to have great movie experience, if gaming sucks with projector, it may do so.

Other setup: PC as picture source (Netflix app, some local streaming services) HDMI to AVR (4k/HDR capable Denon AVR-x1700), from AVR to projector, dedicated 5.1 audio setup. As a side note, I was wondering can I get UHD HDR picture from my PC (GeForce 1080ti as graphic adapter) to the projector using Netflix app or do I have to get some other device for streaming?

Would prefer to have something in price range of 1 000 euros (around $1100). Can go higher, IF change in image quality really warrants use of money, but for this I would need your experiences to really tell if difference can be perceived in my room conditions and if it is worth paying more.

Following is not intended as price or deal discussion, but just to report my local pricing conditions that have to do with my decision as I have to live with that pricing. I have checked some local outlets and this is stuff that is available at them:
Optoma UHD38 (900€),
Optoma UHD42 (800€), I guess this is UHD50X in States,
Epson TW7000 (900€), Home Cinema 3200 in States,
Epson TW7100 (1300€), HC 3800 in States,
BenQ W2700 (1100€), (worried about noise levels with this one)
and as wild card, LG HU80KS (1400€). Have found no comparisons of this one's picture to others, but at least discount is terrific here for a laser projector.

Others are not available in outlets so their price is higher and makes me really question if it is worth to try reach for them with my current room setup. Prices here for competition:

Benq T850 (1600€),
Epson TW7400 (1800€), 4010 in States,
and because you're going to recommend TW9400 (6050UB), it would set me back for 2700€, triple the price of those outlet competitors. Is it really thrice as good under my conditions?

Any advices and recommendations are appreciated!
It's hard to advise on this one, all of the Epson models will offer more contrast (better blacks) but there's a world of difference between what the TW7100 gives you and the TW9400 but it's also a significantly more expensive projector.

My gut is saying the TW7100 because it will get you full 4K HDR at 60Hz which the more expensive TW7400 won't so you will gain with the 7100 when you want to watch Netflix, Disney+ etc, you lose automatic lens and lens memory functions but unless you intent to switch to a Scope screen at some point you really don't need this function.

All the DLPs will deliver a sharper image if you intend to move much closer to your screen, I mean like 6-7 ft away but at your viewing distance of 10 ft you will not see any difference in this, also all these have worse contrast so you need to consider this when buying.

I would suggest trying to go get a few demos, note stuff like the room conditions to see if these demo rooms are similar to your home, not familiar with discount store but I'm guessing they probably don't try and adjust the colours etc, read reviews and take note which picture mode gives the most accuracy colours on each model and then get the demos to change to that settings rather than the one that makes them pop.

Happy hunting. :smashin:
Thank you for your input. Unluckily, there is no stores having this stuff on show in my town. So that's why I have to rely on your input before making order (albeit naturally with return policy).

What do you say, is TW7100 so visibly better in my conditions than TW7000 that it is worth paying 400€ more?
Thank you for your input. Unluckily, there is no stores having this stuff on show in my town. So that's why I have to rely on your input before making order (albeit naturally with return policy).

What do you say, is TW7100 so visibly better in my conditions than TW7000 that it is worth paying 400€ more?
The 7100 has 2.5 times the contrast of the 7000 so it’s blacks will be better.

If you are a member of AVSForums you should PM a member called MississippiMan as he sells screen paint you can spray on to your screen that will mimic an ALR for a fraction of the price.
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