Need your help on LCD 42" Options (specific requirements)



Can not be more than 42" wide (dimensions) total - firm on this (42" diag seems to be closest fit to allowing 42" wide to fit into ECenter.

Prefer highest screen quality and resolution over gadgets.

HDMI HDCP nice - but since most cable boxes don't use it - optional

Built in cable card support nice - but optional

price ceiling approximately $3000-3500

Available now

Can't be Sony (dont ask)

I really would love true 1080p - but can't find anything that fits these specs and limits - best picture quality is important. Sound/speakers/etc not at all important (will be going through separate system).

Option to getting LCD is getting Plasma - but its hard for me to justify a 1024x768 resolution which doesn't come close to true 720p.

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