Need x-box help -- with Mame


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I really need advice on getting this on my chipped x-box. Where do I get it from etc... and can somone tell me if there is a difference between the PC version and the x-box versions? ....and the same for the roms.

On another question, how do you change a chipped x-box to ntsc from pal. I bought the machine chipped second hand and have no idea on how to do these things. (I intend to run it to my projector eventually in higher modes)

The chip is an executer 2

I really hope somone can give me a few pointers in basic language for beginners....:blush:

...thanks to all who look and can help.



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You can either send it off to someone who will chip it for you or visit someone in your area who can do it, if you go to forums there should be someone there who can help you and maybe even a local modder in your area.

I believe all changes are made via the software you install alongside the chip.

I think you use a different emulator for mame roms, obviously the xbox has less RAM than a pc though most games should run fine, in the future more graphic intensive 3D games will be emulated which the xbox may struggle with.

You can get basic info here


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easiest way will be to find yourself Slayer's Auto Installer (about 127MB d/l) , burn it to DVD and run it. It will then configure your Xbox with all the apps you need.

These apps will include thousdands of ROMs and also the Videomode stitch disc which will enable you to change the video mode output. However, if you are not sure what you are doing then it is recommended you find someone who does as you could easily screw up your box.

If you don't use Slayers you will need to ftp all the required files manaually from your PC to the Xbox (which will mean setting up your Xbox on your network) and configure the necessary xml files and menus etc.


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Thanks lads, the machine is already chipped, but will look into this further.



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Slayer's will do what you want. Will only work on chipped machines. Build the DVD and run it and it will load your Mame stuff and the video switch mode for you.


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Can you provide any further info on "Slayers", is there a website for them or anything?

Complete novice here,

Thanks for the help,



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Cheers, will do.



for video switch you need Video Selector out by Enigmah team long time ago.

for MAME xbox will have problem to play recent games due to lack of memory. I use Kawak-x(?) to play NeoGeo and FBA-x(?) for CPS2 games.
Can't think their exact names top of my head but believe something like that will be the ones you need mate.

and no I don't know where you can get them. :)


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