Need urgent Help! with "Faulty" Canon 400D!


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Nov 3, 2003
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hi just bought my canon eos 400d last week, first slr anyways happy with it no issues at all. My dad he had a old EOS 600 which he used and still uses, anyways to the point he and my mom went to rome yesterday and i said to him to take my camera because it would be cheaper for him and he could take more photos, so i showed him how to use the basic things the rest he know i.e how to take a pic ;) anyways today he phones me saying that he can't take any pictures and the screen doesn't show him any error so i tried all i could remember to no avail then he said he changed the lenses but since changing the lenses is unable to take photos.
I used those lenses before and they worked fine, i cannot figure out what could be stopping him from taking pictures.
So i need urgent help, i feel guilt because i told him to take my camera and now they won't have any pics from Rome, the first time they are there, bought it as a christmas present they always wanted to go there.

SO if anyone got any ideas to solve it, it would be appreciated. thanks!
What does the screen show when he powers it up? Have he changes lenses back to the previous one? I would summise the battery is flat as the most likely suspect. Has he removed, recharged and reseated the battery?
he says everything is displayed normally! I asked for him to see the sign for the battery it still shows full, he tried putting back the lens he was using but still no picture.
Also about the battery i had a feeling it could be it so i asked him to check on the display,maybe he is seeing it wrong, he is 64 afterall would a battery do extacly that allow the camera to come on but not take pictures, because when it was flat last time it told me on the screen, it was flat!
nope, if the battery was flat then it would show nothing or at least work for a little. Have him pull the battery and repower the camera. Also have him hold the camera so he can see the rear screen and press the shutter. It may produce an error such as NO CF on the rear not seen in the viewfinder.

I had the 350D lock up several times and hold to remove/re-insert the battery.
Surely Canon have a dealer in Rome who could take a look at it for him?

Worst case scenario mind you.
was just on the phone to him with your comments, and it seems he got it to work with the kit lens in manual focus, it seems it is the battery at least it looks like it the problem is the charger is with me, he forgot to take it with him!
So i told him buy a charger there otherwise get disposable cameras!
Thanks h4rri for the replies, they were very helpfull, i should have bought more batteries, knowing my dad or i should have packed the bag myself ah priceless :thumbsup:
Surely Canon have a dealer in Rome who could take a look at it for him?

Worst case scenario mind you.

He has been looking for 4 hours now, for one or a shop that sells cameras he has yet to find one, so he tells me!
I'm even contemplating fly overthere myself with the charger , probably cheaper to buy a new camera overthere i know, but hey they are my parents! :D
It does sound like the battery, but I know some Canon's have an option for the camera not to be able to take pictures when there is no card installed (or a faulty card that the camera cant read).

Just another idea for you to check. I hope your dad gets it sorted.
Any money there's no CF card in it....

lol you would've lost, the card was in i put it in myself and my dad has taken about 200 pics, thus it leads me that it must have been the battery. Hopefully he has found a shop and bought a charger and bat.

Thanks for all the help! :thumbsup:
If it's the battery though, how come he can see the could be the lens contacts?
CF card full?

Can he view stored images?
CF card full?

Can he view stored images?

Yes they can view the pictures, they are using my Sandisk 8GB Ultra III CF and they still have photos left as my dad told me what was on the screen, i assume it is the battery as my dad said he can take pics with no flash and with the lens in manual focus, as i remember this does not use battery to focus.

But yeah my first thought was if he can see the lcd it should not be the battery. Anyways they told me they are able to take pictures! At least they took the camcorder, i've been told!

there is nothing i can do from here, i'm calling him later on hoping he found a shop!

But thanks for all your comments! :thumbsup:
Being as his camera is an old model, it might be that it doesnt support an 8GB card.
No, my dad is using my Canon EOS 400D, i just said he used to use a Canon EOS 600 FILM, to let people know that he has some experience usign cameras.
No, my dad is using my Canon EOS 400D, i just said he used to use a Canon EOS 600 FILM, to let people know that he has some experience usign cameras.
Sorry my mistake, not knowing much about the canon camera models, i read your post quickly and thought your dad was using an older digital model.

but it was only a suggestion and i assume no offence was taken, hope you manage to sort the problem out and that is just a user error and not problem with the camera.
Hes not changing over lenses with the camera still switched on is he

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