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I need some assistance/recommendations for a camera system. Background: I'm a LEO, so security is naturally important to me. I just can't ever seem to get around to doing enough research on the topic due to work and young kids. Now, there's a peeping tom lurking around my neighborhood, and today we found out a sex offender apparently moved in to the neighborhood this month. My wife says the neighborhood Facebook group is going nuts over these developments, so we need a system ASAP... Hence, this post.

I live at the end of a cul-de-sac; I have a new(er) house that is pre-wired for four exterior cameras - basically CAT-5 cables run to a central location in a closet where my router, home network and cable lines, and security system is all located.

Three of the cameras will be for normal, close-in view - I'd like to be able to clearly distinguish a face at up to 30ft. at night. There's tons of different cameras out there, and I'm looking for recommendations.

Now, the tough part: I need one camera with the ability to read a license plate on a vehicle moving up to 25mph, at a distance of about 150ft., from a 45-degree angle offset, in near darkness. Vehicles basically turn around in the cul-de-sac facing my house, and my state doesn't have front license plates, so due to the trees along the roadside that is the only angle/location with a clear rear-view of vehicle plates. This fourth camera does not need to be PTZ - it can simply be set up permanently zoomed in if need be (~10x zoom?), if that is feasible.

I'd like all four cameras run into one hub (not two separate systems for the two camera types) with enough NVR/DVR space for preferably 30 days - I do not want a cloud storage system. I assume I'll need some type of PoE injector/device to power at least the fourth camera, if not all of them. If there are cameras/systems that meet these needs without the requirement for PoE, that would be a huge plus. I am not concerned with audio recording - if it can be effectively done, great; if not, I'm fine without it.

I'm on the fence regarding networked vs. stand-alone systems. I'd like to be able to access the system from my home computer/laptop, and possibly even my phone, but on the other hand my understanding is popular cameras like Hikvision present a privacy/data risk if associated with a home network.

I'm not rich, but I don't have a set budget, and I'd rather invest in a quality system than try to get by cheap. I'm definitely not going to throw up a $300 boxed system from Best Buy and call it a day. I'll likely hire a professional for setup/configuration, but I really need help with specific component recommendations.

If you've made it this far, and you're still reading, you have my eternal thanks. Please help!

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I have been using the Blink system (Sync 2 module w/ "Outdoor" model cameras) for the last two months. It was incredibly easy to set up and get working. No problems at all which was shocking to me -- all hardware, software, apps, etc. worked perfect. The batteries also last a long time, so completely wireless operation and setup. They say two years for battery life, but if they even get half that, I am still impressed (the batteries are easy to change depending on where you put the camera). There is no subscription required either, losing only some minor functionality (nothing significant) if you go w/ no subscription. So far, so good ... It seems perfect for what you are looking for.


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Ezviz and Eufycam both are good no subscription and don't need poe.

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Avigilon best there is for that purpose in my experience. Also used by LEO over here in larger settings with multiple people for faceid. Can be connected for a Sinology NAS with surveillance software. Place a powered ethernet switch in the closet, and then NAS connected to it as well, then the second port on the Synology connect to your home network. And you have an ace system.

Only problem is budget, 1 camera would be more than $300 :( But you get the quality you desire.

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