need to show paypal photo id and proof of address


hi all

so paypal have limited my account because they need my proof of address and photo id:thumbsdow

not sure why they need this now, i have had an account there a long time

they want me to fax or upload a picture of my driving license or passport and a proof of address like a bank statement i think

how am i meant to do this? i do not have a fax machine and how am i meant to get a picture of my license and statement on my computer?:rotfl:

are there any places i can go to?

eric pisch

Novice Member
they accept them as emails as well

you can get a scanner for £20-30

its even possible to do it with a half decent camera phone

eric pisch

Novice Member
oh yes i forgot about taking pictures

so should i be able to take a picture of my license and statement with my digital camera and upload that, will they accept that?
if they can read it and it does not look distorted, i have done this before with other organisations

you may have to position it under a decent light and hold the camera still and practise a bit.


PayPal :thumbsdow

If they ever ask me for this I'll do them a sketch in MS Paint and send them that :D
i agree, paypal are terrible, but unfortunately they hold a kind of monopoly over the internet if you understand what i am saying, kind of like microsoft does for software like windows and royal mail does for post

someone suggested i should send them a rude picture of myself, but i do not think i will be doing that:rotfl:


i been with paypal 4yrs and i not had problems i just added bank details to them and credit card and they never asked me for anything and i no limited as im verfied

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