Need to sell Velodyne DD-18



I'm new to this site but ended up here after doing searches on my DD-18. As I've been jobless for half a year now, I've decided some of my "toys" must go. (Sold the jet-ski's last week, uhg.) What i'm looking for is an idea of what price a few-month-old DD-18 should sell for? I have everything, including the original box, etc... The cheapest I've seen them new is $4000.

Any ideas on a "fair" price for mine used (although very little)?

Also, since it's so HUGE and heavy, I can't ship via UPS or FedEx. It came to me in a crate on the back of a truck. So I'm trying to figure out the best place to advertise it for sale in the Phoenix Arizona area?.?

Thanks in advance for any help!:hiya:

Peter Baker

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