Need to reset my Panasonic HCx920 Camcorder


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I've been using my Panasonic HCX920 camcorder for live broadcasting for several years with excellent results. I basically set the camcorder to record at 1080p60 and set the mode to Intelligent Auto Mode. Unfortunately I have fouled up the settings recently such that I get poor video quality in my streams and recordings to SD card. Previously the video image quality was excellent. Now, after experimenting with manual mode and playing around with shutter speed settings all of my video images show jerky, stuttering effects on lateral movements of the subject. Going back to Intelligent Auto Mode doesn't correct the problem. I know that the issue is related to improper shutter speed setting. But I have no idea how to fix this. I don't even know what the default shutter speed should be with 1080p60fps.

Is there a way to reset this camera to factory defaults so that I can start over again? Any suggestions on how to fix this will be GREATLY appreciated. Perhaps just resetting the shutter speed to the proper value would solve this?

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