Need to replace my CD player in my hi fi


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Bit of a newbie question, but not particularly tech minded. I have a Technics hi fi system that's about 11 years old. CD player needs replacing. Would I be able to replace it with a CD player from a different Technics range, as it's virtually impossible to get hold of the one I have (EH500). I've seen one on ebay that appears to have the same connector, from the SL-CH570 range. Viable? Alternatively, can I put any CD player in there - I know aesthetically not a great idea, but theoretically would it be a goer?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


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Assuming it is a stand alone CD player, and assuming it uses standard RCA-style connections, you should be able to replace it with any player on the market, including CD, DVD, BluRay, or Universal.

If it is not a stand alone, and it does not use standard connections, then you need to give us a lot more information, starting with the specific model numbers of the equipment.



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Do you have a ribbon-type connection between the CD and the amp... like this?


Even so, if your system is like this one it looks like you may be able to hook up a standard CDP via the RCA connections on the amp section...maybe?
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This is exactly what it looks like. As it happens, I found another Technics separates system - the one pictured as it happens (!), which I've bought off eBay for the princely sum of £35. So problem solved. Useful to know the RCA connector info re swapping another CDP in the future.

Thanks for your input both of you. :)


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I took delivery of the system today, to discover that it doesn't have a graphic equaliser, just some preset eq'd settings. This has hampered my attempts to get this as the main stereo in our living room, as the original Technics system that we have in there - sh-eh500 being the cd player within this (and same model number for sound processor) does have one - so we mainly use it to play music from our pc as the cd player doesn't work. As the only thing wrong with the original sytem is that the cd player doesn't work, I attemtped to swap the cd players over (SL-CH570 being the model number of the 'new' cd player). It connects up alright using th eribbons pictured elsewhere in the thread and the cd spins round when you power up the unit, but that's all it does, it doesnt say that (for instance) a 14 track cd is in there, and it doesn't play the cd. Any way round this?

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