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Need to make your shuttle quiet? (here's a guide)


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I have just built my first HTPC, I used a shuttle SN45Gv2 as my base, because I already had one half built for a customer who never paid me :mad:

Anyway, I have managed to make an almost silent HTPC for very little cost. Approx £300 (not including software)

Firstly make sure all the components you choose are as quiet as possible to begin with, this is the most important part, it's no good trying to silence a really loud HDD and having a graphics card that sounds like a hairdryer !!

Because I only intend on playing DVD's on my HTPC I could keep my specs to a minimum, generally the slower it is the easier it will be to keep cool!
My system consists of:
SHUTTLE SN45GV2 - £145
SEAGATE 5400RPM HDD 40GB - £30
GF4 MX420 - £26
AMD SEMPRON 2200 - £30
512MB RAM - £50
BENQ 16X DVD-ROM - £15
SHUTTLE PN31 REMOTE - £20 (TOTAL - £331)

I already had the graphics card and HDD from an old 'donor' pc ;)

That's the beauty of building a low spec PC, people will probably give you old graphics cards and HDD's, particuarly any 'gamers' as older parts like these are no good to them and are probably lying around in a drawer :thumbsup:

The HDD, although slow, is good enough for dvd-playback as well as being very quiet. Faster noisier HDD's emit a really annoying high pitched whine :lesson:
The graphics card has no fan at all :D and so is completely silent!

I found that the sempron runs cool and I have it underclocked as well to help even further (reduced FSB speed in BIOS)

Although I set my fan speeds to 'ultra low' in the bios, I slowed the main CPU/System fan even further by using a 'fanmate' speed controller, Which now means that the fan is barely audible even a couple of feet away!

My shuttle has one of the newer PSU's fitted (silentx I think) and has 2 40mm fans, one at each end. SMALL FANS = NOISE :lesson:

I decided to risk voiding my warranty by opening the PSU!

Having removed the side of the PSU, I drilled holes into the aluminium cover, removed the fan that is normally towards the front of the PC from the PSU and re-routed the rear fan cable from it's original connector inside the PSU to outside the PSU through one of the holes that I had drilled.
I then used the spare power cable extender that you get with the Shuttle and disconnected the red and black wire from the small power connector (floppy drive type) which I then stripped and tinned, so that they could be inserted into the PSU's rear fan cable connector.
This gives 5 volts to the rear PSU fan which makes the fan virtually silent, and with the extra ventilation seems to provide enough cooling for the PSU.

If you intend on putting more load on the PSU, with more powerful graphics cards etc. then my PSU mods MAY NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH COOLING!!

The SN45 has on-board 6 channel SPDIF optical sound, which I found to be as good as I got from my dvd player.
For now at least I am just using PowerDVD and SAGETV, and I have found the picture and sound quality to be great, and using my PC using my remote is easy now that I have got used to it.

So I help all that helps anyone considering building a HTPC on a budget
:smashin: (Stop wasting your time with DVD players and get a much better PQ for the same/less money)

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