Need to make a decision about rear speaker positioning



Ok I know I've asked this question before but at the time I only had one option. So, I'm going to ask again just to see if anyone has any opinions and what are the pros and cons.

I will soon be getting my new rear speakers (PMC DB1) and I have two options on where I can position them.

(A) on 100cm tall stands either side of the sofa, level with the listening postion or just behind.

(B) on wall brackets approximately 1m above and to either side of the listening positon, angled down, bearing in mind that the sofa will be against the wall (although I can probably pull it foward slightly).

The reason I'm confused is that one dealer told me to have the speakers mounted high up on the rear wall either side of the listening position, but when I demoed the kit the rear speakers were on stands, slightly above ear level and just behind the listening postion.

I have the option of A or B but I need to decide now what is best and unfortunately my house is like a building site so no way can my hi-fi go anywhere near it until after it's been refurbished and by then it will be too late to channel out the wall for any cable.

Am I correct in thinking that option B is better for films but option A would be better for surround music? At the moment I have the speakers level with the listening position on either side just above ear level, BUT these are bipolar speakers which probably makes all the difference.

Tracey :confused:


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I was in the exact same position as you recently. I initially had my set up as (A) and then wondered how (B) would sound. I now prefer (B) to (A).
After putting the speakers on brackets, I realised that on stands, they were a bit 'in your face'. I now have the rear speakers slightly behind my seating position and 6' up from the floor which is about 3' up from my seating position. Also, don't point them down towards your seating position, just leave them firing straight towards one another. It does make a difference.


Thanks, it's nice to hear from someone who has tried both. The good thing about the brackets is that they can be angled if I need to, but if you say they sound better as they are then that's fine. Also I wouldn't have any other options due to the layout of the room so it's not as if I'll be stuck with rear speakers on the wrong wall. I must admit I was hoping that option B would be the best as I prefer to have the speakers out of the way.

I think I may have made a decison, maybe!!


Well I do have a bad habit of rushing into things then realising I've made a mistake!! :blush:

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