Need to know which? Vobs,iso or ifo for playback from hard disc (dvd decrypter)

i am happy with full iso images and deamon tools to mount them. good for mce "my movies" and backing up. If you can afford hdd space.
I agree with bartp. Much, much simplier to iso them and use daemon tools to mount the image. Powerdvd then sees the mounted drive as another dvd drive.
If you are using it with "My Movies" in MCE 2005 the VOB option is the easiest. Don't need to worry about Daemon Tools. Just DVD Decrypt the VOBs to disk and play drectly within My Movies.
The one nice thing about using ISOs is that with something like AnyDVD you can automatically change the refresh rate based on the type of disk it is (PAL or NTSC) when you mount it.

Using TheaterTek it's easy to open a .IFO using File Associations, does this not work with MCE?
Thanks for the replys, will be using a pinnacle showcentre as the interface in the lounge so based on this what is the best solution as the files,vobs or iso,ifo's willbe linked with their program and then played back
No idea about Showcentre I'm afraid, I don't use that type of application. IFOs/VOBs are easier to use as long as you can open them within the application, if you're double-clicking then either works much the same.
I tried Pinnacle media center and that would recognize vobs but not ifo files which I found very annoying.

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