Need to get most out of onkyo 674e, help!


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I am quite new to this and you guys really help when searching forums but I cant find the answer to my problem. I have just bought the onkyo 674e receiver but am struggling with what to connect to what here is my setup:

HDMI 1 - Sky HD
HDMI 2 - Want to leave for PS3
Component 1- Xbox 360
Component 2- Ideally want my pc here is this poss?
Component 3 - Poss DVD
S-Video - Nintendo Wii

Here are my main prohblems:

PC - I dont want to waste a hdmi slot on this, it is good enough to run hd material and graphics card has DVI out (ATI XT800 i think?). The issue is if i connect PS3 via component do i lose anything in performance (heard something about HD sound)? If not I can get a dvi to hdmi to connect my pc

Wii - It is connected via standard cable, will i improve picture by buying the component cable, the manual says my amp should convert 480i to 480p isn't this what the cable does? therefore pointless me getting it as i am seeing best results already??

I am learning quick but it is a lot to get your head round!! I want to fully utilise my setup so any guidance on where i am going wrong or what i may miss out on would be greatly appreciated



I've just brought the same Onkyo model as well :)
Basically for connecting the PS3 I would use the HDMI cable instead of component.
The reason being is the HDMI cable can carry the audio signal from the PS3 to the Onkyo. So you don't need a sepearte audio cable.
Also the video quality should be better as HDMI carries a digital signal (as opposed to component which analogue).

>Wii - It is connected via standard cable, will i improve picture by buying the component cable

I've also got Wii with a component cable. It should give better picture, however at the moment I get some funny flashing when it passes through the Onkyo (coming out as HDMI). Not sure what it's happening. So your probably better off sticking with the standard connector.

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