Need to find wires for an old Sony Stereo (model number TA-SP55)


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Hiya guys,
hoping you can help me out here!!
Ive posted this post before and someone kindly helped me but they removed the post so ive lost the info i needed!!!

Ive resurrected my trusty and old stereo that was forced into storage a number of years ago. It is model TA-SP55. It is split into four sections. I have the links to connect each section together.

What i DONT have (which i think is pretty important!!) is the electrical plug (also no remote -that would be handy if you knew where to grab one!!).

at the back the info says:
AC 230v
60 60QHZ
70 watts.

can anyone help me find a plug for it? I have attatched piccies -the wire with a 2 pronged plug is whats in it atm, and for the life of us we cannot work out how to use that if its supposed to be used but theres no where else to put a plug!!

Its roughly about 10years old, so with technology moving so quick i hoped you guys would know what and where i should be looking for!

Any help really appreciated. I have googled it, but no joy. ive put the model number into ebay and (yup youve guessed it) no joy either, so suggestions welcome!




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Yes, those ones in StevieBuck's link are quite good. Or better still, from a connection viewpoint, you could just cut off the two pin plug and fit a proper UK one. What I would not do is use one of those shaver adaptors as they are very unreliable.

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