Need to extend my satellite & TV cables


I'm need to move my set-up about 2m away from where it is now but the cable the satallite installer left me is just long enough where it is so i have to extend the satallite & TV leads.

What do i need to buy?
leads & connections?

I don't want to lose any quality if possible.

Forgot to add, I have Sky+

Mr Incredible

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There are two ways in which you get the two satellite feeds into your home. 2 x separarte cable runs of the CT100, or a single run of the CT63 cable which is referred to as "shotgun", or basically two cables in the cross section of the Ct100 cable. Obviously these two cables are thinner than your CT100 and so would need the thinner F-connectors. Check what you have and see if you have the shotgun cable or not.


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me too. I`m in exactly the same boat. I only need about a metre too. Oh well it`s not the end of the world.

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