Need to demo Z4 and AE900 South Yorks



Anyone know of anywhere that has the Z4 and AE900 with PROPER demo facilities somewhere near South Yorkshire? I am willing to travel a reasonable distance, and I'm not penny pinching as I am happy to pay for good service, if given.

Any help appreciated, preferably both PJ's to do a comparison if possible, but can view separately.



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I went to Discount Electrical based in Colne - Lancashire = "benji m" a forum sponsor.

Ben was very very helpful and it was great to be able to view the projectors in the same surroundings with the same material & connections for a level playing field.

We were heading from the Midlands up to Blackpool to meet friends and could squeeze in a comparison of the Panny AE900 v Z4 v TX200 v H30A.

I will post my findings when I get chance but I bought one of them !

He also had a good selection of mid range DLPs I would have stayed all day to compare but had to press on.

Once again very impressed with Ben`s attitude - very relaxed - no hard sell at all and very helpful and accommodating.


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cant wait to hear your opinions on these...


Ohhh fingers crossed...

Might be going to Discount Elec tomorrow to pick up an AE900.

Getting excited... that's if i've got any pennies...



Good luck, hope you get it all sorted. My shortlist is AE900 and Z4 and I will make my decision on the day. It will be the week after next for me, and I am not unlike a tightly coiled spring!


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have you tried moorgate aucoustics in sheffield this is where i bought my z3 i didnt demo it but when i was there im sure they said they had a demo room unless i was imagining things . they were half way through a refurb should be complete by now.

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