Need to choose from 2-3 sets of speakers ASAP - Help!


I'm going to use my old NAD C320BEE amp to make a stereo set-up for my office at home and I'm split between 2, well 3, sets of speakers

They're going to be placed on my desk (held in place with the good 'ole trusty blue tac) and will be fairly close field so I'd like them to be punchy with good bass but not overbearing and boomy

Speakers are: Dali Zensor 1's, Mission MX1's and the AE Compact 1's

Who on here has either demo'd these or has them now? What's their soundstage like and how are they for well timed but punchy bass?

Going to order tomorrow so quick replies would be much appreciated


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Hi there. I got a pair of Dali Zensor 1's for my Christmas and I love them. I have them placed on my desk too although I got some small pieces of MDF to use as a footprint because they're certainly a bit uncontrolled right out of the box. They were being powered by a Rotel RA-01 which connected to my computer using some old Furukawa interconnect I had lying around. My speaker cables were QED Anniversary and to be honest I knew right away these were a limiting factor. I visited my local hi-fi emporium and they lent me a set of Mogami W2921 cables. I duly brought these home, hooked everything up and...bang! My amp died. This has been coming for a while as the power switch would only work intermittently. What to do? Only two days to Hogmanay and I MUST have sounds! I went back to the shop and after listening to a couple of rivals I bought the Marantz PM6004. Back at home and all hooked up everything was wonderful. The rather loose bass with the Rotel and QED cables had metamorhosed into a leaner, punchier sound that also had bags of dynamic headroom. I also changed the interconnect to a Linn Silver which certainly adds more detail but it's not the revelation the Mogami cables are. Just to make sure I've switched everything around repeatedly (except for the Rotel) and can honestly say that this is probably the best system I've ever owned.

Negatives? Well in my opinion I don't think it's possible to get truly great imaging from speakers sitting on the same desk your working at but luckily my chair has castors and I only need to go back about three feet and the imaging is pretty good. Also cost. The Dali's are relatively inexpensive speakers and the cables are most certainly not. I'm not even sure if I'll buy these cables as they'll come out at near as damn it the same cost as the speakers!

I'm not sure if I've helped but I hope so. The Dali's are tremendous speakers and easily the equal of anything I've owned in the past. They're built beautifully too. Good luck.
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Zensor 1s are great.

Just registered to post my experience with these speakers. I have not had a lot of high end speakers before and my wires etc are certainly not the best, however as soon as I turned on my amp I knew I had made a good purchase (Zensor 1). As they are breaking in they just get better. I really like the high end probably thanks to the super light weight tweeter material, and the mid range really sings. Great for music, really great.

I would probably want to pair them with a decent sub for the lows for movies and some music, but my speakers are still breaking in, probably the bottom end will improve with time. If you are in the market and considering these, please audition them, you will be surprised.


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I haven't heard the Zensors, but I've had a couple of Lektor 1's for over a year now and they've been great - the clarity and definition of the vocals is very impressive for their size & price.
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