Need to change BIOS boot sequence to removable device

Lucky John

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Hi All,

I need to change my BIOS boot sequence in my laptop to include removable devices as I want to wipe it and reinstall windows from USB

Boot sequence is currently

Windows Boot Manager
Windows Boot Manager
Onboard NIC (IPV4)
Onboard NIC (IPV6)

There is an option of Add Boot Option but I have no idea of how to do this or what to type. There is no option for Hard Drive devices. Can anyone advise how you do this please?



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It could be the bios only shows attached USB drives.

Have you tried connecting a USB drive the win10 installer has prepared ?

What is the make/model of the laptop, you should check the laptops manual it may outline what you need to do for the add boot option.


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I don't know what your motherboard is but try pressing F12, and select from USB HD.

Don't modern laptops have security whereby you have to force it to allow booting from USB HD?

You may need to disable secure boot in your BIOS before you can select boot from USB.

Lucky John

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Inserting a USB stick has no effect on it at all

I have the below 3 options when I click Add Boot Option

Make and model is Dell, Latitude 5410, x64-based pc

Please advise if anyone knows


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Have your u created uefi usb stick? On my older ones it's just csm non eufi but brothers new macine had to write usb stick with eufi setting on Rufus


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Disable secure boot options first you need to do that before it allows you to add usb HDD to boot options

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