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Need the best 17" laptop for under £1000


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I have seen these two that are coming out:


Samsung RF711 Core i7-2630QM Quad Core 6GB RAM 1TB HDD 17.3" Windows 7 Home Premium Laptop (NP-RF711-S02UK) - dabs.com

Are there any better laptops than these? Which one of the above is better? Do you think the ASUS will have a better screen?

I need at least 1TB, 17" +, at least 6GB, and the best CPU and GPU I can get for the money.

Need it for work video editing and some caming like COD. How good is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M for games?

Would a laptop using the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6650M graphics be better?

richard plumb

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540M should be a bit better than the 6650, which is based on the 5650. Both should be able to play normal games well on medium settings - the higher native resolution of a 17" screen puts more strain on them though. For CoD they'll all be plenty good enough, but for later games (battlefield 3, the next Cod maybe) its always good to get the best you can within your budget.
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richard plumb

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Dell XPS 17 with the same CPU (which is crazy and outperforms some quad core desktop i7s..) is £879 and you can get 10% off that with a voucher plus 6% quidco cashback, so would be under

comes with a 555M which is a step up from the 540M

1600x900 screen and an upgrade to 1920x1080 is quite expensive, but with the voucher/quidco you could upgrade to 1080p and still be well under a grand.

edit: speccing that Dell up with a 1920x1080 screen and bluray drive comes to almost £1200. after discounts it'd be £1080, with a further £60 quidco, so just brushing your top budget. if you don't need bluray, it'd be £100 less than that. The upgraded Dell screen is '3D ready' you just need to add glasses. No idea if thats useful for you or not.

I'd be tempted by the dell if you want to game on it, the GPU should be a good step up from the others. You also have the option of sticking with 1600x900 to keep the price down. For video editing you might want to use it in conjunction with an external TV/monitor anyway so that might be a good option.

Basically though, *any* of your choices should be fantastic options for a new laptop, and give you more than enough power for video work for years to come.
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richard plumb

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more info for you :)

6650M: 7515. CoD black ops - Low 82fps; med 67 fps; high 47fps link

540M: 8168. CoD black ops - Low 69fps; med 56 fps; high 44fps link

555M (in the XPS 17): 10948. CoD black ops - Low 111fps; med 83 fps; high 67fps; ultra 43fps link

so the 540M is roughly the same as the 6650M in benchmarks but a little slower in black ops, and the 555M looks like a nice bump over the 540M - you can play at the same framerate but one level higher detail. high detail at more than 60fps is pretty good and even ultra looks playable.
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