Need Surround Sound with optical cable


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Hi. I'm new here!

As the title says, I need a surround sound 5.1 system, in black (to match the TV, stand, and PS3) and I want one with an optical cable output.

I've got my PS3 plugged into my 1080p LG TV with HDMI cable and want to plug a surround system into my PS3 with an optical cable. I use my PS3 for Freeview (Play TV), Blu Rays, and gaming. I don't use standard TV at all so I don't see a point in hooking up a surround sound to the TV. I've found a few systems online but they're all either really expensive, or come with a DVD player, which I don't want.

I've got a maximum of £150 to spend. Any idea what I should get?

Thanks :)


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Welcome to the forum. I would take a look HERE. I know that Pixmania did sell all-in-one systems for around £150 with an optical input but they are the exception rather than the norm. Personally I would forget the cheap stuff with a built-in player as you don't need another. The PS3 is a more than capable disc spinner capable of upscaling DVD and bluray. The PS3 is obviously capable of HD audio too via HDMI but you would be looking at around double your budget to get a compatible system. My advice would be to save up a bit more and do your system justice. :)


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Cheers. I'll have a look through that.

I'm not too fussed about HD audio, but my current surround sound system is one which plugs into the tv with the headphone jack, and to be honest it's awful on low, and it buzzes sometimes if left on too long.

I don't really want to spend loads on a system. I just want something that sounds alright and will last a couple of years until I finish uni :)

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