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Long time lurker, first time poster.

My place of work is looking to get a new HDTV since the old plasma screen (non-HDTV) we use to demonstrate video games is not cutting it from an image quality standpoint. Price is not too important, so the main requirements would be...

- 16:9, but can display in 4:3 also (with few burn-in issues)
- direct view
- between 30 - 50 inches (diagonal)
- good to great picture quality

It would also be nice if it had VGA input and multiple component inputs, but those are not strictly required.

Anyone have any suggestions for a suitable make and model?

Thanks! :)


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Hi there,

I was just wondering where you're located... as you mention HDTVs I'm guessing you're somewhere in North America.

One point that does come to mind is why HDTV is a requirement if you are only demonstrating video games... surely any Prog Scan capable device will suffice.... allowing you to choose from a vast array of Plasma Displays (they have advanced a lot in the recent past).

Most users here are from PAL based regions (Europe, Mid-East and Oz). Although I'm sure we'll do our best to help, you may get better luck asking your question on a US based forum... a good one I know of is . Good luck with your purchase!

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I guess the requirement for HD is that XBOX is HD capable and game smastered in 1080i and 720P can be played back on it through such a display device.

At present there are NO plasma displays with a 1920 x 1080 resolution capable of resolving all of that resolution......For 720P you're looking at 1280 X 720.

Now, there are plenty of plasma's capable of receiving those signals and downscaling them to fit their pixel structure. In the case of 1080i they'll be de-interlacing it as well. I'd look at the 50" Panasonic and Pioneers. Look for posts by Joe Fernand of The Media Factory in Mussleburgh up here in Scotland. Joe will keep you right as to the current most capable 50" plasma.



Thanks for the initial input, esp. on the capabilities plasma screens. I do think we want to go direct view, though, as we've had bad experiences with plasma in the past.

You're right, we're in the States. In the time I've been reading this forum I did notice it had a lot of Europeans, but didn't know its membership was THAT weighted toward your end of the globe. Heh! I'll try my luck at the other forum as well, then. (Btw, there is no "s" at the end of its URL. ;)

Thanks again.

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