Need something to connect three audio devices to. Digital Audio.


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Hello, I am looking for a Digital 5.1 set of speakers.

I need to connect these to it:

PS3 via Optical (can you get Digital through optical with PS3? I heard you can't.. either digital or HD audio)

Xbox 360 via Optical

PC via Optical

Logitech Z5500's are way too expensive for me.

Logitech Z5400's are ideal, but just a bit too expensive, and they don't make them any more.

Some people have suggested getting an AV amp or receiver but to be honest I'm pretty lost in what to get.

As long as it can take three optical connections.

Output in Digital

5.1 speakers

Oh yeah, and it needs a remote. I'm not getting up from being comfy in bed to change the volume.. It's a luxury I've gotten used to with my current (rubbish) speakers.


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What is your budget? When you say the Logitech setup is too expensive, it kind of limits your choices and our suggestions. Not many budget home cinema systems i.e. player/decoder/processor/amp/subwoofer/speakers have multiple digital audio inputs. Most are lucky to have one, so the option is using an external manual optical switch.

I would look at the likes of the Onkyo HT-S3305 at £299. It is made up of the entry level HD audio capable 308 receiver and 528 speakers IIRC. It's not going to give you audiophile audio but should sound good and also give you the option of HD audio from your PS3. If you buy a cheap system now, you might regret it. It's always worth saving up so you only buy once. Just my 2p worth.

When you say AV Receiver "just for audio", I'm afraid at the budget level that is all you will get. You might get basic video switching but that's about it, there won't be any video processing etc.

Richer Sounds, Superfi, PeterTyson etc. are your best bet for the lower priced stuff.

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