Need some speakers



Hi all,

First post here...
Just got myself aa nice cecond hand DENON AVR-1705.
Need some speaker now.
Room is not big so I don't need 150W, but I am not sure what to look for.



the mechanic

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Hi there stefn and welcome to the forums.

You don't mention a budget for you speakers. I am assuming you want a full 5.1 package, and not one thats too pricey, correct ??

Have a look at THESE from richersounds. Have had good reviews in the past, no longer "cutting edge" but would be a good start for a surround system.

Alternativley, have a look at all the packages RS do HERE to see which fits for budget best. You could build up a 5.1 system by buying the speakers seperately, BUT, do try to keep the front three matched for better tonal intergration. You say your room is not too big, so a sub/sat package like the Tannoy should suit you better than a "full size" setup of say, a pair of floorstanders and stand mounters, plus a centre and sub.
You could go down the seperates route if the room size would allow the use of four stand mounts (front L/R and surround L/R), a reasonable sized centre, and a small to medium sized sub. This route would allow for (usually) a better quality of sound (especially with music), and allows more scope for upgrading as / when funds and circumstances allow.

All the best in your search,


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