Need some speakers for Denon AVR 3801 setup

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by cracken, Jan 21, 2001.

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    Jan 21, 2001
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    hi Guys / Gals

    I am needing some info on what to buy, so I will ask you lot if you can assist me in spending some dosh [​IMG]

    I have a TV (sony 36) and an Amp (denon AVR 3801), but am a little troubled by what speakers to buy, I havent got a huge budget, say 1000 ukp (tops!) and was looking at the Mission Cinema 7 setup (773 Fronts / 77c1 center and 77ds rears) but if people have any comments on the speakers or can suggest better for the money please comment.

    I know that the Cinema 7 package doesnt come with Sub and the additional rear centre which the amp supports, but i can upgrade later on.

  2. Dave Jones

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    I think the only way that your going to find the best ones is to go and listen to a few.

    I have just bought a 3801 and listened to B&W 600 S2's, Mission 77n's and Kef Q's.

    It was a fine line between the Missions and the B&W's. I thought the B&W's a little more detailed. In the end I dragged the wife in and she agreed she coudl heare the difference but the M71's looked better, and they were finished in real venear unlike the B&W's which were finished in a sort of vinal wrap (although most people wouldnt notice it).

    In the end, I decided that sound was important and I bought the Centre and Front left and rights got them for £360. Although since I notice that Hi-Spek are knocking them out for £160.

    The Missions 77n series do look good though. But as I said the B&W's sounded better.

    I suggest you go and listen to them. How many are you after? five or seven? + a sub

    The floorstanders are very expensive though about £350-£400 couple that with say 4 601's @ 320 for the 4. And a Centre 160 thats 880 for the lot which doesnt leave enough for the sub.

    Saying that the Missions are Very Good as well. Whatever you choose you wont be dissapointed.


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