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Hi, 1st post on these forums, I've read them a lot on different things and think this place is great.

Anyway to the point of this thread. I'm looking to make a mini home cinema type room using my PS3 as the vocal point.

I haven't got a full hd tv or any hd tv of any sort or speakers etc.

I'm looking for something which will sort me out for a while and won't have me buying new equipment every 12 months. So these are the items I was thinking of purchasing:

Full HD TV: Sony KDL-40W4000 - 40" Widescreen 1080P Full HD Bravia LCD TV - With Freeview for for £769
From amazon:
Sony KDL-40W4000 - 40" Widescreen 1080P Full HD Bravia: Electronics & Photo

Threatre Kit:
Sony HT-SF2300 Blu-ray Thetare Kit for £356.99
From BT Shop: BT Shop - Sony HT-SF2300 Blu-ray Thetare Kit (HTSF2300.CEK)

I looked around quite a bit but still I'm not certain if it will be good or not really.I want to get hd audio and picture obviously and with all my equipment being Sony I thought it would make things easier.

Anyway I'm looking for opinion and alternatives or just anyone with a better plan of attack for my HD room. Also do I need to purchase a Blue Ray player rather than use the PS3 for better quality or is the PS3 good enough?

As you can see I'm looking for quite a bit of help and I hope someone could help sort me out.

Thanks for reading :hiya:


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The PS3 is, in many ways, still the best BluRay player you can buy. You certainly won't get a better picture from anything else. (But do ask in the BluRay players forum if you want confirmation of this. Depending on exactly how you want to handle audio and what your requirements are for SD DVD playback, there may be other suitable options).

The fact that two devices are mad eby the same manufacturer (e.g. Sony) is not in any way a guarantee of compatibility, I'm afraid. :(

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