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Hi all

I have had my sights set on a JVC x3 / x30 for some time and am pretty close to taking the plunge as it seems to tick all of my boxes (1080p / occasional 3D / excellent 2D / quiet / good blacks / comes in white).

I have some concerns about my living room, I have a white ceiling, one off-white wall on the left, a burgundy wall on the right and a dark red carpet (with some dark red curtains that are drawn behind the screen).

Ambient light is almost completely controlled and the room is near pitch black with the lights off, however I'm mildly concerned about the white ceiling / wall. I understand this will have some effect on the blacks, but is it enough to warrant thinking about a different projector?

I really cant go any further with darkening the room as it is, primarily a living room. I also cannot afford to spend a lot of money on another screen, I'm using what was £300 white Sapphire 233 x 133 just now that's been really decent with my old Sim2 Domino 30H.

Is the x-30 the right purchase just now? (which at the limit of my budget)

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