need some help with my axim

mark rosser

so, my X3 is sitting next to me, i have bought TVremote software and loaded, and have also downloaded prontoedit. i have even downloaded some ccf's from remotecentral, loaded them onto the X3, and controlled some of my kit.

So far, so good...:smashin:

Now, here's where i need some help. My Kit is as follows:

Pioneer 502MXE plasma
Denon AVC A11SR amp
Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD
Marantz VP12S3 projector
Grandview screen
Akai VCR

How do i complete 'my ccf' with the IR codes for the above kit in the event that I can't find an existing ccf to copy the IR codes from?

I think I understand that the IR Learn function of TVremote is only active when ccf's are NOT in use.

All help gratefully received:confused:


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You can learn codes into the axim when in ccf mode. You might need to open the ccf on your pc in pronto edit and ensure the file isnt write protected first from the home page properties first.

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