Need some help with IR remote codes, RX-V685 av, RAV570 remote..


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So, as the title says... I have the extended remote codes off of a website, they look like 7E-7E, etc.
What I read about somewhere is the ability to make the remote output those extended codes, through a setting on the amp.
I can use my broadlink rm4 to learn them. Anyone know of a way via amp settings, or anything? the codes I'm ultimately looking for look like this:


I have no idea what this is actually called, but I've seen it mentioned that it could be base64.
If I can get the remote to output these codes, I can learn them into the format I need. This format is used in Homeassistant.


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Extended Codes:

Standard Codes:

You'd ordinarilly need a specialist tool to convert these custom data codes into a hex strings and the hex strings is ordinarilly what you'd use to program other remotes with.

The OEM remote may not facilitate emitting discrete codes that the remote wasn't originally programmed with so you may not be able to teach these commands to other devices the remote that was supplied with the AV receiver.

You may find this of interest:


and this:

There's also a similar topic here:

where this was posted:

Don't know if this thread is still active

You need this one for the 1900/3900/Z7

The way of doing it to directly learn the codes is to:
Press set up on original remote. Scroll down to exd-ir. Enter the 4,6 or 8 digit code from the spreadsheet and press enter. This will send the remote command which can obviously be learnt directly by the Harmony.

It starts on 4 digit mode, to allow 6 or 8 digits to be entered into the remote press up/down arrows on the dash between the numbers.

Hope this is what you were after.
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Yes, I have been running that rabbit hole for awhile now. Those links are dead, I can't find the makehex zip file anywhere reliable, and I have this link :
that converts the 7E-7E type code to 0000 000 etc. I ave both charts for the remote code,s the regular and the extended.
I'm searching for the step to convert that hex to the format I need, as above, the JgABCD type string.
Thanks for the references, I actually had been to most of them before here :)
In homeassistant, in the broadlink integration, it actually converts the ir codes as they are transmitted into the format I need. I was hoping to find somewhere I can convert the extended codes, which I was afraid there was no way to make them get output.
Te very last post by markymiles got me excited for a minute, but I don't see anything on this remote that would qualifty as 'setup'. I couldn't find the exd-ir command in the manuals either.
The only place google even finds this is in that post.

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