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    Hi all

    I've tried searching the forums for answers to the following questions, but have had no luck so far, so please forgive me if I'm repeating a previous thread.....

    I'm after a DVD in the £150-£220 price range with, among other features, the following :-
    [1] built in 5.1 Decoder ( therefore 6 RCA/Phono o/p's )
    [2] true Multi-region, no hacking required, from the supplier
    [3] Independantly adjustable audio signal levels, for each channel ( e.g. +/- 3dB on each channel ), to balance amps/speakers, etc.

    The kind of machines I've come across so far which I believe meet these criteria are, for example, the Philips DVD723 or DVD763SA, or the Sony DVPNS705, ot the Lecson DVD1000. But I could be wrong...

    Can someone please advise either on which of the above, if any, would be most suitable, or advise on other makes/models that I've not even considered, which meet my needs ?

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice....

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