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Hi, everyone!

I'm new in the world of av receivers, I bought an Onkyo ht-3700 almost a year ago, the receiver is the ht-393 (the one in the box, not the best, but the one I could afford), when I bought it a guy from the store visited me and installed and calibrated it, and I didn't have any problem (I mainly use it to listen music, punk rock, and metal to be specific) the problem is that a couple of months ago, my girlfried was watching a movie and she change something, it sounded horrible..

now after a research and lots of hours spend on it, it sounds kind of decent but not as it was before, the main problem is the front and central speakers, they sound flat on the mid tones, guitars sound far away, I don't feel "the punch" if you know what I mean, do you think you can help me? I share with you the configuration that It has right now.

Crossover 200 hz(Speakers are Satellite if I set them in 150 hz there's no much difference, but if I change it to 120hz or 100hz they sound a bit distorted)
FR: 8 feet
Central: 8 feet
FL: 8 feet
SR: 6 feet
SL: 6 feet
Subwoofer: 8 feet

FR: +4
Central: +3
FL: +4
SR: +1
SL: +1
Subwoofer: -1

do think I'm doing it wrong? do you think you can help me? this been driving me crazy
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