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Need some help on comparing amplifiers/receivers.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Sander, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Sander


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    Hi you all!!!

    First let me introduce myself,
    I'm Sander from the netherlands and i'm a newbie on the field of home cinema.

    In the end of 2002 we (my girlfriend and I) started building our own home cinema
    (7 X 3.20 mtrs) .From this forum i got a lot of info on screen, projector etc. (foto's will follow soon)

    Now the end of the rebuilding is near i had to start looking for a good amp/receiver. On the forum i found out i minimally wanted to have a receiver with DD DTS & PL2.

    Going to have a look at te other spects of receivers ...I LOST TRACK.....!!!!!!

    So here is the question(s):
    - Should i have EX & ES even if i dont have a 6th speaker?
    - Does 96kHZ Vs. 192kHZ make much of a difference?
    - When i have 8 Ohm speakers does the amp has to be 8 as well?
    - Is it correct that THX isn't an option if the room is to small?
    - The speakers i use are from sony (SA-VE525) and are 120 W/ch maximumpower input. Can i use a contineous120 W/ch amp, or should i go for 80W/ch?
    - The last question i have is to give your opineon for the machines i have in mind at the moment

    Denon AVR-2802
    Onkyo TX-SR600
    Yamaha RX-V630
    Sony STR-DB1080QS

    All tips on a good amp (upto 800 euro/dollar) are welcome too!!!!

    Hope to get some help from you all!!!!!!!


    epson emp7350 xga projector
    Sony SA-VE525 pascal speakers 120W/Ch
    Aiwa dv370 DVD
    Aiwa HV-FX8700EH NI-CAM stereo videoplayer
    DIY screen 2.90 x 1.80 mtrs

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