Need some help for the Jan sales - new mp3 player on the cards...


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Hi folks, after a bit of help, I'm looking for an mp3 player come the January sales...

Have been impressed (on paper) by the Sandisk Clip Zip & missed it for £29.99 on Play the other day, so thought I'd ask before committing to the Sandisk come sale time.

So, basically any alternative to the Sandisk:

Must have:
Similar form factor, decent audio, display screen, FLAC, gapless audio, ReplayGain, Folder Navigation, SDHC slot, USB charging

Would be desirable:
APE, Audible, Rockbox compatible, hard (non-touchscreen) controls.

Must not be:
An iPod, Android, etc

As it's for 'upgrading' my clock radio to an anti-tinnitus device for 70% of the time, then capacity is irrelevant if it has a Micro SD slot, battery life I'm not fussed about & ideally it should be around the £30-40 bracket...

Other than the Clip+/Clip Zip, does such a creature exist? Closest I can find are the Creative M100/M300 which don't do FLAC :(
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