Need some help for choosing between 4 All-in-one systems




I'm posting from France so first of all, sorry if i make some English mistakes. Sorry too if my thread interfere with other discussion but I'm not enough fluent to understand every posts in this forum. To conclude with the presentation, I must recognize I'm a complete newbie concerning Home cinema...

Here is the situation : I currently have a Samsung HDTV (LE32R51B), an Xbox 360, a DVD/DivX player and Neuf TV HD for television (with I presume is pretty close to your Sky HD). I'm planning to buy a All-in-one system and I'm a bit confused.

My current system is the following :
- TV receiver (Neuf TV HD) connected to the Samsung HDTV with HDMI
- Xbox 360 with YUV
- DVD/DivX Player with RGB

I would like an amp with HDMI and it would be a major plus if the amp could have multiple HDMI-in. I've selected 4 systems that might be interesting :
- Sony HTSF-1000
- Pioneer DCS-360
- Samsung HT-XQ100R
- Panasonic SCHT855

The Sony device seems quite clear to me as it has 2 HDMI-in and 1 HDMI-out. I'm just a bit affraid by some messages i've read is the dedicated thread concerning volume issues. Are they real ?

Concerning the 3 other systems, how does the HDMI thing works ? All three systems have HDMI-out but they seems to have no video-in so how does it work to have the video in the amp ?

I hope someone will be able to help me (and also that my message is comprehensible).

In advance thank you


I reply to myself as I've continued searching for information and I've found my answer for the video input problem with Pioneer, Samsung and Panasonic systems : they are delivered with an integrated DVD Player so the HDMi output is for that player...

Anyway, that also means that the Sony HT-SF1000 isn't really a "All-in-one" system as it does not integrate the DVD player. The Sony device is an amp + speakers which respond in fact better to my needs

Now the tricky part is to find it as it seems to be sold out in every stores I know in Paris.

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