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Need some essential apps for my Desire


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Anything that can help sustain battery life, alternative keyboard, music player and overall goodness.

Plus what is launcher pro

Try swype for keyboard (although I've gone back to the original due to the great word correction)

Music Mod or Mixzing for music player

Launcher pro is a replacement home screen/Launcher...fully customisable/skinnable but you will lose access to HTC Sense widgets..

Deleted member 27989

I found the battery apps don't do anything. Just condition it properly when you get it and leave it all switched on and you'll be fine :)

Angry Birds is a must have and so is App Brain :)

Deleted member 27989

I'm getting the same as my iPhone or galaxy s or my wives legend. There really isn't much between the types of phones.


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8hrs battery life, terrible. Might have to sell this for an Iphone

Dunno what your doing with it but I'm getting a good 30hrs from mine with 3G/Wi-Fi etc..turned on 24x7. Wi-Fi is connected most of the day.

fwiw if your only getting 8hrs from it then your hammering it somehow and won't see any better from an IP4. Are you sure it's not down to "new phone playing battery drain". I always find that when i first get a new phone the battery always seems bad as I'm constantly fiddling with it.

Two biggest battery killers are the screen and a weak network signal. if signal is weak the phone will constantly be searching for a signal; draining the battery. For the Screen make sure the brightness is set to auto.

Have you tried the battery conditioning trick posted by avinitski? It worked very well for me.

Also ditch the battery savers and task killers..they will just sit in the background and drain the battery.

go into settings>accounts and uncheck any auto updates you don't want running such as weather/Stocks...

Ditch any fancy live wallpapers and manually close down any apps that you can see running in the notification bar such as messenging apps etc...

Finally go into Menu>settings>about phone>Battery>Battery use...this will tell you exactly what's using the battery.


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Thanks I give it a go, however, there;s stuff running like FRiendstream which I don't use which is running can I remove that?.

Friendstream just grabs your Twitter and Facebook updates and merges them into a friendly widget. If you don't use them just disable it.

These sort of widgets are the power of Android over IOS. No opening apps all the time to get info all the info you want on screen all the time when you want it :smashin:

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