Need some DV89 help.


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Nov 20, 2000
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romney marsh, kent, uk

I had a home demo of this player and decided, i wanted it.
I asked them for a Multi region version, but they have givern me a R2 player.

How do i make it MR...i have seen 2 ways so far on the web.

1. Press Stop, Eject, 1111,13.

2. Press setup, 4792, (then not sure).

Do both these way's work for the 89.........??

Any help please........

OK...scrap that...i just done the 4792 code and changed it.

Also checked my firmware version.....if anyone's intrested and its.

4.18.0 LT78.

Just found my first problem disk..............
Toy Story 2 R1.
Anyone else have probs with this disk, or is it just my copy..........??

At around 23 mins into the film, the player starts to make a noise, like the laser assemble is jumping and then the film freezes.
Then it continues to do it at random points in the film for about the next 30 mins.
Player only freezes for around 1 second at a time.

This copy play's perfect on my denon 2200 and was also ok on my previous players, denon 2900, pioneer 626,656.
Could this be some kind of bug with the LT 78 firmware......????
i play toy story 2 r1 alot on my arcam dv88+ and never noticed this problem. my drive is the LT76 .

its away at arcam at the moment but should be back next week , will test out again for you
OK, now this is not funny...........
i have just found my 2nd,3rd,4th disk problems.
Surely all my disk's cannot be knackered.

BRUM R2 (kids disk).
Close Encounters R4.
Star Wars 2- ATOTC R2.

I thought i had got away from this prob, by moving from denon..........!!!!
Am i doomed to be a pioneer owner for the rest of my life, as they seem to be the only players that can play anything and evrything.
I need some more help please.

I have just brought myself a pioneer 565 so the misses can listern to her SACD, so have connected it to the 5.1 input on my 3803.
So the 89 is now just for the very good PQ and CD's ( should of just brought the 88+ ), but for some reason there does not seem to be any bass now.
When i had it connected to the 5.1 inputs there was loads of low end phump with music.

I have got it conected to the amp, with a stereo pair connected to the CD input, the cables are Van den hul the well interconnects and i have changed the setup on the player to bitstream/2 ch.

There must be something silly i am doing wrong, but cannot seem to see it.

Any help please.....??

I've changed it to center, surrounds not present.
front small and tried large, but still no low end get's directed to the sub, or very little.......if i turn the sub up to +12 db in the amp setup, then i can just hear it.

I have my Sky+ connected the same, with 1 pair of stereo interconnects (only cheapy's) and get loads of low end from both pro logic II and stereo when watching the music channels.
Have you tried setting the subwoofer to 'off' on the player too, maybe it's still applying a crossover to the output. Have you tried the second set of stereo outs, maybe the pair amongst the other mulitchannel are designed for 5.1 out and the second pair for dedicated stereo out.
i have not tried turning the sub off, as i only have M&K speakers so thought it might be better leaving that in.........but yes, thinking about it now, that could well be the prob, i will try that.

I take it that it would be the amp that sends it to the sub and not the player.
I have tried the other pair of outputs, but as it says in the manual, it should not matter what set you use as they both output the same signal.

Cheers......i'm now off to try it.
Just tried that and no difference.....i think i will have to get the manual out for the 3803 and see if that says anything.

I think i might try connecting it to a diff input tommorrow and see if that makes a diff, maybe the amp goes full range when useing the CD input and maybe the Sat input use's some of the amp's prossesing, so direct's everything below 80hz to the sub.

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