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Need some Audyssey Advice!


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I'm looking for some advice on how to correctly set up my receiver using Audyssey, specifically the front crossover. It's a Denon 2310, although I don't think that's too relevant as my problem looks to be more general. I've had the receiver for several months, and am generally happy with it, but I've just got this niggle about the crossover.

The problem I have is that when I run the Audyssey Auto Setup using the full 6 positions around my central listening position, I always get a Front crossover of around 110/120Hz. This is using Kef Q4 speakers, which should be good down to at least 80Hz, if not 60Hz. The Q6C centre speaker always comes up as 60Hz.

After a bit of investigation, I've found that if I just run the setup for the single central position, I get a nice 60Hz crossover for the fronts, which is what I expected. As soon as I go 1-2 feet off the central axis though, the crossover shoots up. Trouble is, the audyssey set up guides suggest taking measurements either side of the central axis.

I presume there's something about my room dimensions/ contents that is causing this, but haven't got a clue what. Moving the speakers and/or listening position isn't an option.

So, I'm wondering what to do:
1 - Use 6 positions and stick with the 110Hz crossover
Downside is I'm not using the fronts as much as I could be

2 - Use 6 positions and manually drop the crosover to 80Hz
The various guides I've read suggest that the crosover should only ever be increased, nto decreased, due to the way the filters are created.

3 - Use 1 position and the accompanying 60Hz crossover
Will this impact Audyssey's abilities?

4 - Use 3 positions along a central axis that give a 60Hz crossover
Again, will this impact Audyssey?

Or is there anything else I could try?



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