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Hi guys, I have got the following:

Samsung SP50L6HX (50" HDTV) (arriving in 2 weeks time)

Denon 1920 DVD player

XBOX 360 (when its out)

I would like some advice about which speakers to get for it all... and I dunno wether to get 2.1\5.1 etc etc, please help

I need speakers and an AMP

Also. do I need some high quality\expensive cables? If so...which ones are the best?

How will I be able to hook up the xbox360 AND my dvd player at once? (will 1 be optical and 1 another way?)

I'm not sure how much I am willing to spend, but can you please recommend me some good equipment (do richer sounds have anything worth buying?)

Thx for any help you can offer :thumbsup:

(treat me as a complete audio noob because I have never really had any "amazing" audio equipment of any kind...and I am in the process of pimping out my room :smashin:


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Hi there

I have a 1920 and paired it up with a Denon AVR 1906 amp which cost me about £269. Other may recommend others but I have been happy with this set up so far which I have had for a month. As for speakers, have heard this set up with a 5.1 Monitor Audio bronze set up, which sounded very good.

Cheers Holo

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