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Jan 30, 2022
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Hemet, California
Hello everyone---I am new to this forum and I hope I can get some good advice with respect to setting up a new TV system. Here is my story:

Right now we are getting our TV from Dish. We have only had Dish for about 3 months, so we have some time left on the 2 year contract. As the cost of all the TV providers is getting to where you can't afford it, we want to change our TV input to one or more of the "non-cable" systems as soon as our current contract expires. We currently had 3 TV's working in our house, Living Room, Bedroom and Family room. I realize that we will need to purchase "smart" TV's and that is in the plan. What I want to know is EXACTLY what other equipment, cables, etc. we will need to receive the programming we want to watch. Here in a nut shell are what we want to be able to receive on the new setup: Local Channels, Soaps Days of our lives and General hospital, CBS, NBC. Which equipment would be best, ROKU, Firestick, etc.?

I don't have any idea of how all this should be hooked up, but am hoping someone here can tell me.

Thanks in Advance.
Hi @flyingduck and welcome to the forum.

What do you mean by 'non cable' system ? If you want to continue with all or most of the channels you currently watch live after your 'Dish' subscription expires, then I doubt that will be possible solely with a streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV Stick. You'll presumably still need the ability to be able to receive TV channels via a cable box, satellite dish or terrestrial aerial (depending on which of those is relevant in your location) - at least that's the way it works here in the UK. Some apps may allow live streaming though so if you only wanted the ability to watch a handful of channels like the ones you mentioned, then you would need to see if their corresponding apps allow you to stream live. And also whether any require individual subscriptions, as that cost could soon mount up.

Where a streaming device will be useful though is if you want the ability to be able to stream (in an 'on demand' / 'catch-up' sense rather than live) on the various TVs you already have, if they are not currently 'smart'. You'll only need to replace your existing TVs if either they are so old that they don't have the HDMI sockets needed or if you would prefer to stream without a separate device and use a smart TV's built-in apps. Just bear in mind that the apps available will differ from TV to TV and device to device, so you'll need to identify which apps you would like access to and choose accordingly.

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