Need some advice regarding unable to repair solution.


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I bought a 55" Q700T 8k TV around Sept '20. The screen went dark last week, no image at all but the backlight is still working.
I arranged a Samsung repair rep to come out, who has just contacted me and informed me they cannot repair that TV due to no parts available, on a 2020 TV?

Just received an email from Samsung stating "Unfortunately, we were unable to repair your device. We will be in touch soon to discuss your options." which I'm assuming they wish to do a return with new TV.

Samsung current line up doesn't have a 55" 8k TV. I can only fit a 55". So they will prob be offering me a 4k , which I sold a perfectly fine 49" KS7000 to get the 8k.

So this leaves me with a dilemma.

I may be able to get the same TV , which they themselves stated they can't fix any more due to parts should something go wrong.
I can't get a 2021 model due to them not doing 8k 55" models.
I don't wish to go back to a 4k screen after just selling a KS7000 4k screen, which I would have just saved my money and kept if the 8k wasn't available.

Where do I stand in getting a refund or credit note from the store (Box) so I can say exchange for the new 55" 8k LG Nano 96?

Anyone been in a similar circumstance and know what they're allowed to offer?



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Well, it's less than 12 months old (still under warranty) and can't be repaired. Your contract is with the retailer, not Samsung. You should demand a full refund from the retailer.


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Just to add, if the retailer offers the TV that you want and are happy to exchange for that, then you might want to consider that option. If you have to buy from elsewhere then full refund should be your goal.


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120hz isn't that important to me.

I have a 144hz refresh rate 32" monitor and although you can tell in some games it's smoother, I think it's a bit overhyped.

Running an older game at 8k 60hz is a better experience than running the same game at 1440p/4k 120hz.


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They've offered a partial refund of £1250, so £250 off what I paid. Are they allowed to do this?

Either they replace the appliance with an equivalent specification or better or money back in full if it is less than a year old.


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Long conversation on phone.

It turns out they took the £1250 from my receipt I sent them but they didn't add on the VAT I paid.

Just entered some reference number into an automated line along with bank details. Should have a full £1500 refund in the next 10 days.

Thank you all!!

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