Need some advice on which Speakers to buy...


Hope you chaps can help me, as I've not much knowledge on this kind of thing???

I NEED (!!) to purchase an AV receiver and speakers and have been reading a number of different hi-fi magazines plus this site to help me decide what I should go for.

I have £2500-£3500 to spend, and am currently likely to choose:
· Pioneer Ax-10i-S or Pioneer Ax-5i-S
· KEF 5005 Speakers

It will be linked to a Panasonic DVD player and Panasonic Plasma TV (TH42-PW5) and be used for Home Cinema and Movies in roughly equal proportions.

Is the Ax-10i really worth more than twice as much as the AX-5I (as, aside from the remote control unit, the specifications look reasonably similar on paper ??)

Will there be a revised Ax-10i (with Pro Logic IIx ??) due out soon ??

I like the features, looks and sound of the Pioneer and have seen this matched up with KEF speakers (2005 and Q7 series) in a number of magazines, so I assume that they go together reasonably well.

I've chosen the 5005s as I think they look much nicer than the 'eggs' and have been told they sound better as well. I'd like the 9000s, but they are much more expensive, and I can't justify the extra cost - how 'new' are the 5005s - are they likely to be superseded in the near future ??

The new Yamaha DPS-Z9 looks fantastic, but that is pushing the budget too far.

I've seen some offers that provide the Pioneer with the KEF and throw in £400 worth of speaker cable and interconnects as well, which seems like a good deal.

Has anyone got any helpful comments to make, before I potentially make an expensive mistake ?

Is there anything else I should think of ?

(I have posted this in the A/V forum as well)

So many questions - Thanks for your help !!



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Originally posted by sidicks

I've seen some offers that provide the Pioneer with the KEF and throw in £400 worth of speaker cable and interconnects as well, which seems like a good deal.

Sounds like a good deal. Go for it. They will match well. IMO the AX10i is overkill for the 5005's.

However I can't help feeling that you should try to pop into a dealer and demo the kit first. Buying because a magazine says it's good could be the biggest mistake you make. Trust your own ears.

Ian J

I agree with Nobber that you really shouldn't spend that amount of money without at least hearing what you are thinking of buying first, let alone listening to a few alternatives in that price range.

£3,500 buys you some excellent kit that will keep you happy for years to come but it can also buy a load of rubbish if you get it wrong.

On the speaker front I would recommend that you listen to M&K and the Pro-Ac Hexa system as alternatives before spending your cash.


I have found some people who've listened to the system they asked to dem' because a magazine told them to and thought it was crap and I've had people listen to badly reviewed stuff (anyone remember Sony Pascal) and thought it sounded better, it's so much personal taste to buy from a place where you have no advice, no demo, and no local after sales service is madness IMHO.

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