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Hello all,
I have an Onkyo amp (old school 60x series), with a Wharfedale LCR Soundbar up front, a Cambridge Audio S90 and Scandyna MicroPod Rears.

Unfortunately the Soundbar just doesn't give me enough seperation compared to when I had floor standers spaced further apart, so I was thinking of upgrading the amp to a new Onkyo NR717 and getting some Wharfedale DIA10.4's hooked up to the "front wide" outputs of the amp as well as the usual fronts coming from the L&R of the LCR. Also swapping the rears out for the and possibly swapping out the Sub for one of the better Wharfedale ones.

Having not messed with this stuff for a few years, I'm not sure of exactly how the "front wide" works. Does it have any processing on the stereo fronts to split it out a bit more, or is it just a mirror?

Also, does this look like a more worthy setup or am I flogging a dead horse with the LCR and should just swap it out for an ordinary center speaker and run normal 5.1?

Thanks for any advice, I'm currently swapping out most of my entertainment system (new TV, HTPC, drobo etc) so need to plan what I'm going to be purchasing and I want to get it right this time.

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