Need some advice on speaker wire and amplifier


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Hi good afternoon,

I have been slowly building my setup up for a config of 5.2.4 I am almost there just need some advice on a few things if anyone is experienced enough
and has any advice would be great thanks.
My setup as of this minute is: 5.2.4 - Will be 80% Movies/TV Series and 20% Music

65" LG GX Oled TV
Klipsch 8000F Tower Speaker
Klipsch 504C Centre Speaker
Klipsch 600M Bookshelf Speaker
Klipsch 500SA x2 Elevation Speaker for going on front Wall and Back Wall
Sub1: SVS PB3000
Sub2: SVS PB3000
Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu-Ray Player

Room dimensions: L Shaped Living Room Open Planned To Kitchen - 15x15x8 ft - 1800 Cubic Ft
Its an Apartment on the ground floor concrete floor and I have carpet.

Options I am in need of advice on:

Speaker wire - The two I am looking at atm are the Van Damme Blue or Hifi Series 4mm or the QED XT40i both are 12 Gauge.
Now I've read that the van damme speaker wire has a bright sound so would that be to much for my setup or is that not the case??

I would like some advice if one of these cables will compliment my setup the best or if there is another cable in mind let me know.

now the measurements: I added couple of feet to each direction for a bit of give.

Front Stage Speakers:
Right Tower To Tv Unit: 8FT 8 = 3m
Left Tower To Tv Unit: 7ft 6 = 2.5m
Centre Speaker To TV Unit 4ft 5 = 1.5m
Front Height Atmos Speaker Right: 9ft 9 & 8ft across 5.5m
Front Height Atmos Speaker Left: 9ft 9 & 6ft 6 across 5m

Rear Speakers:
Rear Bookshelf Speaker Left: 7ft 3 To Floor, 12ft to wall, 17ft to front, 8ft across 44.3ft = 14m
Rear Bookshelf Speaker Right: 8ft 3 To Floor,17ft to front, 8ft across: 34ft = 11m
Rear Height Left: 9ft 5 down to floor, 12ft across, 17ft to front, 8ft across = 46.5ft = 15m
Rear Height Right: 9ft 5 down to floor, 1ft across, 17ft to front, 8ft across = 35.5ft = 11m

Total: Rounding off at 70m of speaker wire needed.

2nd Question:

Emotiva BasX A3 Amplifier £599 For my front three speakers LCR
Emotiva BasX A4 Amplifier £639 For my Height Speakers Front And Rear
Denon x4700H Receiver To power the rear bookshelf Speakers.

Now would I need an amplifier for my setup or would running my setup on the receiver be good enough?

Thanks for your advice and information ahead of time and I look forward to your replys



Speaker wire - The two I am looking at atm are the Van Damme Blue or Hifi Series 4mm or the QED XT40i both are 12 Gauge.
4mm wire can be difficult to get around corners and indeed fit into the binding posts or banana plugs. VDB 2.5 (14 guage) is more than sufficient for your runs and will give no problems with fitting on either bare or banana plug, easier to fix into place as well.
Now I've read that the van damme speaker wire has a bright sound so would that be to much for my setup or is that not the case??
It's BS. Just like every other speaker cable on the market as long as it's pure copper it will sound exactly the same. All it does is transport a weak electrical current to the speaker. Diameter is the only factor you need to worry about when long runs are used.

Don't believe the sprinkled with fairy dust and delivered by a unicorn abilities either. VDB will do the job beautifully.


The Klipsch are an easy drive for any amp. I would go for an amp that can do all your channels out of the box. It's simple to add power further down the line should you think of doing so. Put the budget to getting an amp with a little more power and better internals which would be the Denon X6700 in your case.

If music is important than perhaps cast your eyes at the equivalent Marantz amps.


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Start without poweramp and listen how it sounds, those Klipsches are quite easy load for receiver, but depending how loud you listen. I wouldn´t throw 1k£ before listening cause most people in US runs those Klipsches without poweramp with similar receiver you have.

Van Damme cheapest i found costs 2,57£/m. I haven´t heard anyone commenting that it would sound overly bright. As Gibbsy said stick with 2,5mm2 cable.

Another popular option: Fisual S-Flex Studio Grade White Speaker Cable 2 x 2.5mm - Price Per Metre - Speaker Cables - AV Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists


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Thanks for the advice @gibbsy @Gasp3621 I'll go for the van damme speaker cable is the Blue better than the hifi or whats the difference if you know and to the other question yeah ill see how things are running on just the receiver and add to it at a later date if needed.

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The Blue Series is a Coaxial cable and bends/twists in all directions - the HI-FI Series is a 'shotgun' style cable (0-0) and only wants to twist nicely in one direction.

If you are installing the cables the Blue Series is far easier to work with.

They will both deliver the same audio in your system.



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Hi guy's ive got old Sony main and 2 wee surround from my mini Sony hifi many moons ago but there brand new 350 watts but the wires for the speakers go in the back of the speakers than into my old Sony mini system which is no longer with us. Is there anything i can get to used these speakers? Or will I bin them. Cheers for any advice

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