Need some advice on how/where to place rear speakers.

Frank Smith

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Nothing fancy here at all. I'm looking to get a soundbar in a couple weeks time with rear speakers in my small living room. The two main things I'm trying to achieve are:

1. Don't make the speakers look out of place or clutter the living room.

2. Be relatively child proof.

I've been told it's best to have the speakers at 90 degrees so plan was to put them in the left and right corners. On the left it's not much of an issue as I can find a shelf or stand that will easily work. Main issue is on the right hand side. The soon to be 2 year old is sure to knock it over if it's on a stand (or at least my wife thinks she will) and it might make the living room look cluttered.

I've tried corner shelving but the quadrant shelving I've got does is too small.

Any tips of suggestions will be much appreciated!


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So It begins......

you could wall mount some small speakers on the left and right (out of reach). Most small speakers come with wall mount kit

You should consider neatly running wire to that point using cable concealer/cover on the wall

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