Need some advice on Hi-Fi setup, speakers, amp etc


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Hi everyone
Im after some advice on a hi fi setup. im currently having an extension done to my house which will create a room roughly 7.5m x 8.4m. This will house the main TV and will generally be where my family will be the majority of the time.

My first initial thoughts as im in to music more than movies was ceiling mounted speakers that would be connected to a hi-fi amp/receiver which will be able to play Spotify,apple music etc but also have a the option to play cd's. I prefer the idea of the unobtrusive look with ceiling speakers unless anyone can explain a reason against?

Im going to have the TV connected to a soundbar as I mentioned above im not really in to movies so therefor I didn't think I needed surround sound speakers. Also the reason for going down the separate hifi amp/receiver and rather than a av receiver was I didn't think ceiling speakers would normally be used for surround sound unless they were atmos but again this is something I don't think I need unless someone advises me different.

so the main reason for this is thread if all the above is ok then ill stick with the hifi amp/receiver route, initially with that size space I was thinking between 4 or 6 ceiling speakers (this is where id need help) is 6 overkill or is 4 too little?

Brands? ive heard good things about Sonos but also my son has a Denon av receiver which he is happy with so ive looked at Denon aswell, open to advice on this?

Finally on the extension we have bi fold doors into the garden, ideally id like 2 outdoor speakers on either side of the brickwork pillars linked back to the main amp/receiver which can this be wired to a different zone so that when we have bbqs etc we can have all the ceiling speakers inside and the outdoor speakers playing say on zone 2 but then when we are inside of an evening the outdoor ones are off which could be zone 1 for example so id need the amp receiver so have this capability

Many thanks for any advice, really appreciate it


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You said any advice appreciated so I'd say if you are into music more than movies go the stereo route rather than ceiling speakers. This does not have to mean amp and speakers, many of the newer modern multi room stuff can do this too. A pair of sonos 5s for example (and there are many more) are tidy,cdo stereo, you can plug tv into them if required and if you need something playing outside, they can be added to, by smaller or bigger speakers, soundbars can even be integrated in

Just another option, and there's denon heos, audio pro and loads of other brands


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I have to say Sonos is super handy and flexible. I use it around the house in various rooms. I also bought a Sonos connect which let me plug in other older kit like CD player etc as a source into the Sonos network. Finally, I connected in some amazing powered floorstanding speakers (see my other thread) that blow the Sonos away quality wise so perfect for proper music listening..and TV...anything really. sounds like you have great space with plenty of options.


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Here’s a link:

I have one. It has all the connectivity you need. Plenty of power; drives two sets of speakers as well as being able to give you a zone 2 option (your outdoor set up) . High quality for £499.

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