Need some advice on Floating wall install on dot-dab plasterboard


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HI there.

Need some advice.

Currently I am looking to install TV on my wall.

House info:

Install wall would be the wall between the two houses.
Max depth on of brick gap between wall is 10cm.
Dot-Dab gap is yet to be determined, but I think its around 1-2cm.
Plasterboard thickness is again around 1-2cm.

Wall info.

As many others, Groove's comes out on top as a guide to follow.

rough Sketch of hopefull finished result:

rough sketch of wood studding:

Notes on wood sketch:

Red = 2 sheets of MDF: 15mmx2000mm[high]x~2400mm[wide]. Not decided on final width measure but set on 2m in height.
Outer framing would be: 47mmx75mmx2.4m [kiln dried sawn softwood batons]
Inner framing cross sections would be: 47mmx47mmx2.4m [kiln dried sawn softwood batons]
TV and Speaker area would be: 47mmx100mmx2.4m [kiln dried sawn softwood batons]

My question:

What is the best procedure for my project.
Would the plasterboard bow?
Max depth i would go is around 10cm inc void+pb - is this adequate?

The OH wants the TV on the wall before xmas as cheap as poss. I have noted this and said the best way is to put for now a small frame of batons around where the tv would be mounted and then, mount [with coach screws] the tv bracket directly onto the batons; then finish it off after xmas. Obviously the batons would be bolted by projecting anchors.

any help would be appreciated.
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bought some M8 95mm anchor bolts today for the plan to fix the tv on the wall for xmas.

10 x 100mm long, 14mm wide holes later

It didnt work.

The anchors kept slipping and getting pulled towards the gap and the plasterboard.

What a waste of 2 hours.

back to the drawing board and probably be getting a stanley knife and cutting the ruddy fecking thing out and bolting to the wall via wood... ruddy dot dab</rant_over>

So at the moment looking at the tv on its stand with 10 holes in the wall above it. Father in law coming at the weekend to assist....
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Use 3 x 2 bolted straight to the wall, cut out dot and dab, then you can use normal screws. Pre drill, use 4" x 12's.


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Is it possible that your blocks are thermalite? These are very soft blocks and require a different type of fitting. Have a look at resin injection here


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Hi all,

some piccies:

i was just going to do 4 holes; but as they didnt stay and on one I swear i hit some steel framework towards the end of one, I ending up doing all 10 in my bracket.

and the note on rigifix; should have gone that route in the first place instead of going B+Q.

Also in rigifix; would they suit building a floating wall frame..>? would they be long enough to include:

MDF ~15mm
Wood ~44mm
Plasterboard+gap ~30mm
and min depth ~?mm
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Also; I am planning to change my bracket from:

one similar to this:

TV Bracket for 50" 50 inch screen plasma upto 75kg tv: Electronics


one like this:

Designer Habitat - LCD Plasma Low Profile TV WALL: Electronics

With that in mind would the following be overkill for the framing [in blue] in general?

[Note Big black rectangl = TV; Red line = MDF; Outer black line = Wall]

Could I reduce the amount of wood, or is it ok [Bearing in mind my previous issues with bolts] and use Rigifix?


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with Rigifix in mind, I sketched this up in good 'o' paint

any comments on this way?


just noticed that the bolt would not go through the mdf + the tv bracket.

//will revise piccy :)//
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I cant comment on the floating wall as I never ended up doing that, but my TV bracket looks pretty much the same as that one and that is fine holding up my 50" plasma (not exactly lightweight) without any batons.

Do you specifically need the wood baton in between the tv bracket and the wall? I have the rigifix bolts flush with the plasterboard and then the tv bracket mounted directly on there.

I think Id be a bit wary having the tv 72mm from its mounting on the wall (gaps+baton)

Otherwise abandon the rigifix and remove sections of the plasterboard to put the batons and tv bracket direct to the wall.


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thanks for reminding me about something else entirely :)

On the point of removing plasterboard - thats my last option tbh

will post back with another idea.


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here we go i think is the final draft, with taking into account what other ppl have done and mooniny said:

The difference is to 'sink' the tv into the wall...As the final sizes of the wooden batons is not totally decided on, they could be smaller..


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right, father in law came round and managed to put the bracket up.


Taking the speakers off their stands and tidying up the equipement.

measureing speakers and placing them:

Finished result:

The unit is a Ikea Rakke which houses the kids toys in the pull-out draws which replaced my [email protected] chrome glass unit.

This setup is for now over xmas until finial final plans and budget allow a full floating wall.


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