Question Need some advice on an Aiwa NSX-330 Please


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Hi All!
I Offered to take a look at the in laws Hi-Fi, they leave it plugged in 24/7 run it 5 days a week and have so for the last 20 years but came back from a weekend away to find it wasn't working, as if it had no power/fuse blown?
I can't bear to see old but good quality electronics thrown away so I've searched all over the internet and have so far found nothing spares wise (which didn't surprise me) so have decided to try and have a go at diagnosing and repairing myself. Now I'm not great with electrics but have a fairly good idea on how it all works.
I've voltage checked the transformer which seems pointless as I'm not sure what the voltages are meant to be but assuming it is meant to output AC I'm getting a few different readings from each pin, getting between 5v 11v 22v and 27v roughly and around the same for other pins (10 in total), whereas I can check voltages switching the Multimeter to DC and I read 24v along 3 pins and 33-35v along 2 pins the rest acting as negative/ground, does this seem right?
There's three main Capacitors all being 3300uf, two are 42v one is 25v and with the mains connected i'm reading 33v from the 42v caps and 20v from the 25v cap. the rest of the capacitors look okay with no bulging, and I can't see any dry solder joints.
Also what seem strange is I can leave the unit for up to 2 hours and switch it on and nothing. but leave it overnight or for more than 5 hours and plug it in, it will run and switch on for about 10-20 seconds, then that's all I get, won't switch back on for those few seconds until left overnight?!

Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated!
Many Thanks,

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