Need Smallest Bezel (narrowest 40" TV)

Mark Ward

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I have a 32" Sony in the bedroom at the moment and it's not big enough, it's really difficult to make out the EPG Guides etc.

I wanted to fit a 42" TV in there, but it doesn't look like the gap is big enough, so now I'm looking for the smallest dimensions 40" (or maybe even 37") TV I can find. Width is the primary issue here. Price isn't an issue (within reason).

I bought a Plasma Lift a while ago and had intended to get a custom cabinet made to house it. In order for a TV to fit in, the maximum width it could be is 910mm (970mm Gap 20mm Wood + 10mm inside clearance each side).

I may have to give up on using the lift, but even then I'd really like to keep it as narrow as possible. Ideally as close to 900mm as I can.

Plasma/LED/LCD are all fine & Don't need 3DTV (it only the bedroom).


What are the narrowest width 40" & 37" TVs out there?

[Edit]Best I've found so far at 40" is Toshiba Regza 40" 40VL758B at 957mm Wide.

Any suggestions?


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Mark Ward

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For the narrowest bezel it's most likey the Samsung Edge Lit LED LCD UE40D8000 :)

Take a look, let me know what you think.

That is a lovely TV and Wow it's narrow, at 908.6mm by far the narrowest I've seen so far. I know I said money isn't an issue, but as I was ideally looking at non-3D TVs I hadn't appreciated quite how high you can go for a 40" set :eek:. I was thinking the top end would be around £800-£900. I think I'd get shot if I paid £1400 for the bedroom TV.

3D really doesn't work for me and my wife says it gives her headaches so the 3D would be redundant.

That doesn't rule it out completely though, I just may have to buy a Kevlar vest at the same time.

I'll keep looking, but thanks that's the type of thing I'm looking for.

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Hi, the Samsung UE40D6530 may be an option as it is only slightly larger than the D8000. I will measure up in store and get back to you.

Mark Ward

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Kunjshah said:
Hi, the Samsung UE40D6530 may be an option as it is only slightly larger than the D8000. I will measure up in store and get back to you.

That looks a better price, but do they do a Non-3D set with these lovely looks? I'm happy with that UE40D6530, but if I could pay less for a model without the features I will never use I'd be there today.

Thanks, Mark.


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If you do not want 3D at all the UE40D5520 is roughly 955mm wide. Black bezel it is thicker.... no 3D, no web browser no built in WiFi.... Cheaper prices though,

Full HD and still has Smart Hub you

But does not compair to the 40D6530 in terms of quality I would say. Check it out! Let me know what you think... there are other alternatives.

the UE40D6100 is slightly cheaper than the 6530 but all you really loose is WiFi built in and Web browser and the frame rate. You are still getting the 3D. So I would either go big and go 6530 or go 5520... I wouldnt bother saving that little money and reducing the screen features that much with the 6100

Hope that helps.

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