Need side surround speakers. Advice please


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I have a 5.2 setup currently and am adding in the side surrounds now. My room is fairly large and open on the back and right sides. I have to mount the speakers up higher because of this and currently have the rear speakers (Bic America pl66s.) at several feet above ear level (about 4 feet behind the seating, angled down, and about 7.5 feet off the ground). I will need to mount the side speakers about the same height because of the room configuration but they will be about 2.5 feet in front of the seating. My question is, should I just buy some bookshelf speakers and angle them down towards the seating or would something like bipolar speakers be good in this configuration? I know they are good for side speakers but aren't they better if you are sitting closer to the middle of the room and not the rear? My other thought was to put my current pl66s on the side and mount other speaker in the rear. Any thoughts on this?

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