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Hello all
We're moving house and so it's time to upgrade my CRT to a flat screen. Whilst I do not currently own SkyHD, BluRay, HD-DVD, XBOX-360 or PS3 (not an early adopter, I'm afraid), I'm sure I will in the future so I'd better get an HD screen now. The missus wants all sorts of boring woman stuff, so I'm allowed a nice new TV. Here are my thoughts:
Do I need to worry about 1080P? (I probably have to keep this set for the next five years)
Could I get a 40" screen or would I be sacrificing quality for size?
Should I get LCD or Plasma?

Obviously, being a bloke, I want the biggest, bestest set I can get my hands on. I'm looking around the £500 mark but if there was something great for £600, I'm sure I could stretch.

Here's what I've seen up to now:
Wharfedale W42H40PE - £499

HITACHI 42PD6600 - £599

I'm pretty much a newbie here so all help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks


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Welcome to AVForums...almost a week and you haven't had a reply :(

£600 is not a lot of money for a swanky new HD screen (especially for 42")....I'd buy a old model for a special price (like the Hitachi you've picked) or buy second hand on these forums.

I'd recommend you take youself over to the LCD/Plasma areas and do a search, I'm sure you'll be able to find others asking a very similar question :)



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Then again, if you have no HD sources and it doesn't sound like you'll get any in the next year or so you could probably pick up a rather nice SD plasma for that price which a much better picture than cheap HD screens.

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